8 October 2011

this week ...

• I forgot to buy my regular bunch of lilies when I did the weekly shop so I picked a posy from the garden. Must do this more often.

this week's flowers
the wormwood perked up after ten minutes in the water, even though it looks sad and floppy here

• we are rabbit-sitting the next door neighbours' little black lop eared bunny. Soooo sweet. Please lawd, do not let the thing die while it's on our watch.

he sews

• Son #2 got out the sewing machine, propped it on the kitchen bench and made a dilly bag (for camp next week) while I cooked risotto. Good to have company in the kitchen. Good to see a 15 year old boy sew, too.

He threaded up the machine like a pro and when I checked it was perfect. Oh Mum, he scoffed, I've done it a thousand times at school! Gotta love that Steiner education.

Terra shawl completed!

• Wore my new shawl. I finished this just before we went off on the gypsy wagon and wore it a lot on camp. With embroidered peasant skirts and gold teeth, while playing the accordion. Ok I lie, but I wore it with jeans. (Modern gypsies wear jeans).

The shawl should probably have its own post. (But it'll have to be content with this). It's the Terra shawl from Brooklyn Tweed and seriously, I had to cast on for this shawl because I was starting to dream about it. I was obsessed, I tell you. The pattern didn't particularly grab me when it first came out but then I started to see lots of rustic-yarned versions on Ravelry, and then this sent me over the edge. My version is Ravelled here for those of you who need the full gory details.

wagon face

• Sent this photo to a friend who collects faces in inanimate objects.

• Was grateful to live in an age of antibiotics and Panadol. And cranberry juice. Gawd.

• Laughed at the dog who has done little more than this since we came home from our holiday.

exhausted and muddy dog

Did I show you this? After the first day of trotting behind the wagon he chose to ride indoors.

dog nose

• Missed Penny the Clydesdale.


• Got an iPad at work! Having fun with it. Have told the boys it's very sad but the institution's insurance policy means *I'm* the only one allowed to touch it. Ahem.

• Sewed another strippy-quilty-patchworky cushion cover.

• Received a gorgeous knitting book. Stand by for a giveaway soon.

what are you looking at?



SmitoniusAndSonata said...

So the twirly embroidered skirt was a holiday abberation but the flashing gold teeth and huge hoop earings are for ever ? Shame !

Your shawls are as lovely as your cardigans , very desirable .
Cranberry juice ? I do hope it worked its usual magic , at top speed ..... sorry , very fast .

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Ah , I've just reread that and the Shame! only referred to the skirt's temporary status . I do so like a twirly skirt !

Penelope said...

What a wonderful life! Beautiful post filled with gorgeous photo's and beautiful knitted shawl xox Love your photo of your dog in the caravan x too sweet!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos.
Favourites? Nose of greyhound in wagon, forelock of sewing son.
Now would like to see you with an accordion, just because.

Suse said...

Wonderful life except the cranberry juice necessity.

Elizabeth, no accordion. Would a fiddle suffice? Or I could wear a ruffly skirt and a flower in my hair and play my cello standing up as if it was a double bass?

A harmonica?

Tania said...

Gasp! (shawl).

Grin! (kid wielding sewing machine).

Double grin! (hound's transportation preference).

Triple grin! (that face steals my heart. In its uptight, pursed-mouth fashion).

PS. In the Company of the Courtesan: inhaled it while away camping.

Thrifty Household said...

A perfect sounding week sprinkled with great dog photos too- what could be better?

Debbie said...

A great week! I love the posy from the garden and it does look so pretty. My boys could sew when they were younger but not too sure now:0)
The shawl is just beautiful and I could imagine the gypsy skirt as well(but I think they would wear jeans too now,lol)

Frogdancer said...

Good point about the Steiner ed. My boys couldn't thread the machine if their lives depended on it.

Thimbleanna said...

What a great list of bullets! The one about not letting the bunny die on your watch made me laugh. When I was a little girl, we left our gerbil with neighbors while we were on vacation. They had several little kids and the gerbil managed a mistake. In the mayhem, someone stepped on him. Ooops. Love the shawl, tired dog, and sewing child. And oh yes, I'm thinking many of us would be dead by now without the miracle of antibiotics! Hope you're feeling better

Amy Munson said...

Gotta love lazy greyhound, mine were champion couch potatos.

flowerpress said...

I love that dog!
My mum had a clydesdale she adored, such lovely things with dinner plate feet. He used to step galumphily round my toddlers but luckily never on top of them :-)

Janet said...

Flowers from the garden are nearly always a winner I think - it's amazing what you can put in a vase (we have fish fern and grass and some flowers from a succulent and next doors roses this week).

Boy at sewing machine, so cool. Especially that he knows what to do.

Lynne said...

It's hard to come back from a great holiday but pretty flowers and a new iPad to play with nearly make up for it!

The shawwl is gorgeous - am I the only one in knitterland to have missed it?

Serena said...

I always prefer home-picked bouquets. The shawl? Lovely, of course, and suits you so well!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh look at your lovely dog in the caravan. So cute. And did you come home to a cranky kitty?

shadygrey said...

Funny you should mention playing as if on a double bass- Max tells me that a double bass was brought along the last Year 11 camp (rock climbing) and it had it's own special tent or tarp or something. They sat around the campfire singing along to the double bass and a guitar. Oh, those Steiner kids.
AND my roses will be out soon, you must come and see them!

Suse said...

Oh that's precious. Did Max go on camp A or B? Sam was on the second one (B) - he didn't mention a double bass but then he doesn't generally speak much. I'll check.

Second child went off on the rather terrifying "no technology" camp this morning, complete with swag, dilly bag, candles and billy.

Roses! On my way.

victoria said...

Wormwood! I'm learning all the names of the things in my garden and surrounds from other people's blogs.
The photo is so wonderful.

Suse said...

Hey Victoria! The wormwood (artemisia) is the grey foliage that's all droopy. It smells like aniseed, or absinthe (or licorice). Wonderful stuff in a garden for adding silver highlights, and you can pick it and hang it in your wardrobe to deter moths too.

Annie said...

Gorgeous photos :D You know I was already in love with your hound, but now I just want to steal him! And Terra, I'm in love with that too ... I just haven't found time to knit it yet. Yours is just lovely, and yes, very gypsy :D

PS Your friend who likes faces in inanimate objects might like a post I have planned for when I'm back on my feet.